Why Getting Help Now is So Important

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Why Getting Help Now is So Important

The United States has lost over 100,000 people to opioid overdoses between 2021 and 2022. Quibbling about whether it’s poisoning, or an overdose is a moot point. People have been lost, and families are devastated.

Over 20 million individuals—straight, gay, trans, white, black, Hispanic, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, rich, poor—all are dying. Substance use disorders do not discriminate. Who cares if it’s a disease or not when you or someone you love is enslaved by a substance, and you worry constantly that they could be the next tragic loss to overdose.

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While all of these issues are being debated by addiction treatment professionals, by journalists and politicians who are shaping governmental policies, individuals and families continue to suffer devastating loss.

The new drugs that are flooding our streets and communities are increasingly more potent, putting more people at risk for addiction and death. No one is debating that fact.

Nearly 8% of the American Population suffers from a substance use disorder. Less than 10% of the people struggling with substances are actually getting the help they need through addiction treatment. And yet substance use disorders have been described as progressive, chronic and ultimately fatal.

I want you to Get Help. Don’t wait another day. Addiction does not magically disappear. It requires intervention and assistance. Doing nothing guarantees that the problem will get worse. Get help through Sober at Home, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, inpatient treatment, or some combination of all.  

Prevention, education, support, treatment and encouragement are the pathways to prevent us from losing a generation. Get started on your path to recovery now! If not now….when? When is going to be the right time to act? When is it going to be the right time to intervene? What is it going to take? How bad do the consequences of addiction have to get before you take the difficult step to move towards change with reckless abandon? Getting help is not a spectator sport. It requires our action.

Years ago, I was trying to help a father who was contemplating doing an intervention for his daughter. She was a young teachers’ assistant. He was a good man, and his daughter was a good young woman. I talked with her father on and off for the better part of a year, but there was always a reason why he wasn’t quite ready to move forward with the intervention, even when knew things were getting worse. My last conversation with the father was when he called to let me know that his daughter died of an overdose. What a tragedy! What a profound loss. I often wonder if I did enough to try and convince him to take action to do all he could to help his daughter, but I’m sure it’s only a fraction of the pain he continues to endure.

I have had the privilege of working with those struggling with substance use disorder over 30 years ago. I have been humbled by the miracles I have witnessed when someone breaks free from the bondage of addictions slavery. When I first started in the field of substance use disorders treatment, deaths occurred every now and then, but it was unusual. As the years have gone on, it is not uncommon for treatment programs to learn about overdose deaths of previous clients at least every month. We must scratch and claw our way out of this abyss, before we lose a generation.

If you are ready; If you want to find a better way; If you want your life back; get in touch with us NOW.  SoberatHomeInc.com  855-52-SOBER

Why Getting Help Now is So Important