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An Essential Component to Introspective Recovery

This online workbook contains nearly 100 individual exercises on addiction and recovery and have been crafted to meet the needs of each individual – no matter where you are in the recovery process. 

The introspective work required for completing these exercises will bring about an understanding of who you have been in your addiction, who you are now as you seek help, and who you strive to be living in recovery. These new insights will be beneficial for you to address during group sessions.

Your Recovery Workbook

If you are a current subscriber, access the workbook modules below to continue your recovery journey.

To gain access to the online workbook, you must first take the questionnaire and enroll in the program that fits your recovery phase.

Have questions? Join the weekly group meeting “Open Topic: Workbook Exploration”, facilitated by David Gerber, Sober at Home Founder. View the Group Calendar to sign up.

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Section 3 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Social Interest

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Section 4 – Middle and Later Stages of Recovery