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Step 1

Start your journey to recovery! Take the questionnaire to see which program is right for you.

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Commit to fighting your addiction with Sober At Home professionals by enrolling to the recommended program.

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Choose a group meeting time that works for you and RSVP to reserve your spot with an Addiction Specialist. 

Here's How We Can Help

We Want to Help You

Despite the increase in awareness and resources for those struggling with addiction in the United States, overdose deaths from opioids continue to increase at unprecedented rates.  Based on data from the Centers for Disease Control, overdose deaths increased by nearly 30% in 2021. 

Something is not working. Access to affordable, effective treatment for those struggling with addiction continues to be a challenge. There are some people who cannot afford to leave their jobs for an extended period to seek treatment. Some are not willing to enter a formal addiction treatment center for fear of stigma or because of privacy concerns. 

Through Sober at Home, a completely online program, we offer information, education, support, and encouragement for those who want help, but are not sure how or where to turn. We believe you can change your life for the better, and we want to help you

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What People are Saying . . .

Pat Lynch

Managing Director Catholic Recruiter Associates
I have worked with David Gerber over the past 10 years and he has proven to be one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with. David is creative in his techniques and style in reaching those struggling with addiction. Everything David does he puts 100% into, he truly is passionate and believes that all are capable of living a life of sobriety, and he is the best man to help you through the process.

Nancy Montgomery

Putnam County New York Legislator
Recovery through Sober at Home is an essential way of life for successful recovery and to combat addiction. David has been a fantastic resource for me in my own recovery. He continues to guide me as I navigate the complex world of recovery resources for the people I represent. David has always steered me in the right direction, with a perfect mix of compassion and expertise. I am excited about David’s work through Sober at Home.

Frank Brittan

Substance Use Disorder Professional
In the 19 years that I have known David in multiple work environments, I have admired him as an educator and innovator in the addiction field. David is absolutely committed to ethical best practices and finding and developing ways to improve outcomes for patients.