Online Alcohol Counseling Services

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We’re here to support you with online alcohol counseling and workbook exercises, as you recover from addiction in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Online alcohol counseling is a version of talk therapy. 

Our virtual alcohol counseling sessions are ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to in-person group therapy. Whether you’re using the 12-step program, family therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or just looking for encouragement to additionally support your recovery, we welcome you. We also offer online drug counseling services to support every journey to sobriety.

Ready to get started? Speak with a Professional Counselor.

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Our Online Alcohol Counseling Options

We are proud to offer a new, therapeutic approach to online alcohol counseling, involving virtual alcohol counseling services led by certified addictions professionals.

People on a screenSubscription Levels

Our various subscriptions allow us to offer tailored support as you progress towards recovery.

    • Free subscription: Our free option is your first step to finding the support you need. Receive daily affirmations and attend one of our Q&A sessions to learn more, no strings attached.
    • Introduction: Try some of our workbook exercises and videos, and attend open groups in the daytime or evening.
    • Early Recovery (Phase 1): This is the perfect place to start for those who are new to recovery, with open and closed groups to support you.
    • Supported Recovery (Phase 2): Benefit from open and closed groups with others at a similar stage of recovery to you.
    • Sustained Recovery (Phase 3): Continue to create bonds and help each other through challenges during open and closed groups as you enter the sustained recovery phase.
    • Living in Recovery: Complete workbook exercises and attend open groups to maintain your recovery and support others; it’s your turn to inspire, make the most of it!

Learn more about each of our subscriptions, and find a solution where you are respected and supported through your journey.

Closed vs. Open Online Alcohol Counseling Sessions

We offer closed and open virtual alcohol counseling, to support you at different stages on your recovery journey.

    • Closed group sessions are scheduled and can only be attended by group members. You will meet with the same group every week, no-one new will join. Closed sessions are scheduled on the same day and at the same time each week. Closed sessions offer a safe space to share personal stories and connect with people at a similar stage of recovery to you.
    • Open group sessions are scheduled on demand, whether you are new to the recovery process or you have been sober for a while and in need of impromptu support. Anyone can join, as and when they need to.

Sober at Home vs. the Competition

While many valuable alcohol addiction programs focus on the urgent need to prevent overdose, there are fewer solutions available that help people get back to leading truly fulfilling lives.

Sober at Home is here to help you get back to a life your love.

Our family-run team has 30+ years’ experience working with those suffering from addiction.

We’re here for you without the need for medical diagnosis or health insurance copays, so that you can access support from home. Sober at Home is FSA reimbursable, so you can make use of our services without the need for insurance, or an employer having to know that you are seeking the help you need.

Sober at Home Counseling Professionals

Our team is led by David Gerber, M.Ed. CASAC, Master Counselor, Founder & CEO. 

Our 10 certified addictions counselors have varying qualifications to ensure we can support you in all areas and on every step of your journey. From Licensed Mental Health Counselors to Licensed Master Social Workers and Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors, we are here to support you.

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Speak with a Professional Counselor

If you’d like to find out more about whether our online alcohol counseling and counseling services are right for you, we welcome you to get in touch. There are plenty of ways to do this, whether you’d prefer to contact us online or give us a call.

If you’re ready to start your journey, sign up for a free question and answer session with our founder, David, or choose a subscription.

Alcohol Counseling FAQs

Whether you consider yourself an alcoholic or not is irrelevant. The question is how does your alcohol use interfere with your life? If your alcohol use is interfering with family and social relationships, work, school or is creating legal problems Sober at Home can be of service to you.

There are a few questions that can determine whether someone has a problem with drinking. Have you tried to cutting down on alcohol or quit before and been unsuccessful? Is your alcohol use interfering with major life areas like: Family, emotional or physical health, social network, school or job? Would you be better off if you weren’t drinking? Have you been to treatment in the past, and it hasn’t been successful? If you experience physical symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol this is evidence of a significant problem.

If you are having physical withdrawal symptoms when you are not drinking and need a drink to prevent withdrawal, then you need inpatient medically monitored or supervised care to safely detoxify your body from alcohol. If you aren’t experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms, then there are a variety of treatment options that can be helpful. One thing that is consistent for people with alcohol problems is that they tend to close themselves off from healthy people, places and things.

Sober at Home’s group approach helps people bond with others who are seeking recovery. Our goal is simple: Help people discontinue alcohol use and rebuild meaningful and productive lives. Our workbook allows individuals to engage in self-reflection about their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and learn new coping skills that reduce the likelihood of further alcohol use.

Sober at Home offers a variety of options to connect with others trying to get sober. However, Sober at Home offers licensed and credentialed professionals that may help you to identify some of the underlying issues that created or reinforced your alcohol use. If you attend 12-step meetings, Sober at Home may be an important additional service in your program of recovery.