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Choosing the Right Services

Sober at Home offers a rounded approach to cover every aspect of your path to sobriety with open and closed groups, a workbook with video guides, a Sober at Home social community, daily affirmations, and more.

Identifying just the right services for your needs will create the best opportunity for you to succeed in your recovery journey. That’s why the first step is to take a questionnaire to help determine the phase of care is best suited for your needs.

There are also opportunities to try out the Sober at Home services, before making a commitment to a more intensive program. Take time to read about all the different offerings to see how Sober at Home can best serve you.

How do I know I need help?

How do we know when is the right time to get help? You do not need to identify yourself as an alcoholic or an addict in order to benefit from help. There are basically 2 questions that can help determine whether the Sober at Home program can be of service to you.

  1.  Is your use causing consequences in your life in any of the following areas:
  •  Relationships
  •  Job
  •  School
  •  Financial
  •  Legal
  •  Social

2. Would you be better off if you discontinued your use of substances?

If your use is interfering with major life areas, but you do not require medical intervention such as inpatient detoxification to safely remove the alcohol and/or drugs from your system, then Sober at Home can provide the perfect solution to address your problems from the comfort of your own home. Take our questionnaire to determine what services might best meet your needs. Whether today is the first day you are reaching out for help, or you have weeks, months, or years of sobriety, Sober at Home has a program that can meet your needs.

How do i know

What about the 12 Steps?

Some people love and benefit from 12-step programs. Others are hesitant about participating in these programs for various reasons. Sober at Home welcomes the opportunity to work with everyone, whether they incorporate 12-step programs in their recovery or not.

The first word of the first step may be the most important word in the 12-steps: “We.” Sober at Home recognizes that the best way to be successful in sobriety is to incorporate the concept of “we” into the recovery process. Sober at Home has an online community and other ways to build on this concept, and absolutely support individuals who choose to build their sense of connectedness through 12-step programs.

The Sober at Home workbook has an entire section that provides an overview of 12-step programs. Our goal as professionals is to make sure that individuals who participate in 12-step programs understand the concepts and receive the support they need to be successful in recovery.

This workbook section is also designed to address some of the challenges people have with 12-step programs. Once you  subscribe to one of the Sober at Home programs, you will have access to our workbook of recovery exercises.

12 Step Programs
Sober At Home

Created to work for you

Sober at Home is unique in that we have developed programming based on your schedule and your needs rather than having to fit your schedule around prescriptive treatment. Subscribe today to a program that works for you.