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How can You Help?

It can be a helpless feeling, living with the knowledge that someone you love or care about is engaged in a destructive lifestyle of alcohol and or drug abuse.

Maybe you’ve tried talking candidly about their addiction. You’ve probably tried being supportive and available. Chance are, you’ve also tried yelling and pleading. All of this probably comes from a place of love, care and concern, but the truth is that nothing you have tried has worked.

Sober at Home may provide you with a compromise to get your loved one the help they need. Because they can participate in the program from home, it eliminates many of the excuses to avoid getting help. Whether it’s a direct conversation, a text containing our website, or sharing a social media post, let your loved one know about Sober at Home. Try something new; get different results.

How Can We Help?

Are you stuck in the Ever Increasingly Shrinking World of Addiction? We can help.

 Addiction is an inward journey. As your use or abuse of substances progresses, there are warning signs and red flags that serve as opportunities to change course and get help. Very often, we run right through these warning signs, and as we do, our world has a tendency to shrink.

When friends or family demonstrate care and concern, we push them off and are willing give up those relationships in order to continue a lifestyle of use.

If we suffer legal consequences, we frequently make excuses or just deem ourselves “unlucky” in order to maintain the lifestyle of use. We may drop out of school or quit jobs.

You can learn much more about the ever-increasingly shrinking world of addiction in the Sober at Home workbook. Take our questionnaire now to see which Sober at Home program is right for you.

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Sober At Home

The Help you need in the Privacy and comfort of your own home

By getting the help you need at home, you don’t have to worry about the stigma of going to a brick-and-mortar program or attend groups where people may be using or dealing drugs.