Online Drug Counseling Services

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Sober at Home provides online drug counseling services designed to empower and support you on your journey to sobriety. Our online drug support program offers an alternative to face-to-face group sessions.

We’re a private program that is approved for FSA, so services may be reimbursable through your employer, without your employer knowing, and without your having to miss work. We don’t take insurance, and are more affordable than many alternative counseling options that do.

We also offer online alcohol counseling, and are here to help you work towards a full life from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Join a free Q&A session with our founder to learn more about virtual drug addiction counseling, or give our team a call.

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Types of Drug Addiction Counseling Programs

At the core of our services is group online drug counseling. We offer a wide range of group sessions and various programs to provide support as you continue to recover. Throughout your journey you’ll also complete workbook exercises for personal development, and to help you stay on track and engaged with your recovery.

Recovery Programs

Whether you’re new to recovery or are working through a 12-step program already, you’ll find a program that suits you:

      • Free Options: Receive daily affirmations for free or join a free encouragement group. We also welcome you to attend one of our Q&A sessions to find out if Sober at Home is right for you.

      • Introduction: Our introductory package enables you to get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of Sober at Home. Attend open groups, and sample our workbook exercises and videos.

      • Early Recovery (Phase 1): If you’re new to recovery, we hope to see you here. Join open and closed online drug counseling group sessions and find a supportive new community.

      • Supported Recovery (Phase 2): Create deeper bonds with open and closed online groups that continue to provide support as your recover.

      • Sustained Recovery (Phase 3): As your recovery begins to feel more sustainable, you have the support of others at a similar stage to you.

      • Living in Recovery: Maintain the wonderful life in recovery you’ve created by completing workbook exercises and attending open groups. It’s your chance to inspire others facing a challenge you now know is possible.

    Learn more about each of our online drug counseling program and find a solution where you are respected and supported through your journey.

    Closed vs. Open Online Drug Counseling Groups

    Our programs include online open and closed group sessions depending on your recovery stage. Here’s what this terminology means at Sober at Home:

        • A closed group is private. You will meet with the same group of people every week, at the same time and on the same day. You’ll share stories, learn to trust one another and form bonds. You’ll all be at a similar stage on your recovery journey. 

        • An open group is open to anyone. These sessions are scheduled on demand, for anyone to find support as and when it’s needed. Anyone can join, so there is the chance to see new faces and meet new people every session.

      Sober at Home vs. Other Drug Counseling Options

      Sober at Home is a unique solution for anyone looking for an alternative to in-person group therapy, or additional support as you work through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family therapy or a 12-step program. If you have tried other programs that haven’t worked for you for one reason or another, Sober at Home might be the perfect option for you.

      David started Sober at Home to help those suffering from addiction to fully rebuild their lives. While many admirable organizations focus on preventing overdose, he saw a need for an online model that goes further, that’s accessible from the comfort of your own home, and is available without the need for insurance. He saw virtual drug addiction counseling as a modern solution that fits seamlessly into your day to day life. You no longer have to go to a brick and mortar program and go through counseling with others that may be using or dealing drugs. Sober at Home also offers an online social platform that allows you to connect with others across the country who are enrolled in the Sober at Home program.

      Sober at Home Counseling Professionals

      Sober at Home is led by David, who has over 30 years’ experience in addictions counseling. Our full team of 10 counselors includes Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Licensed Masters level Social Workers.

      Every one of our certified addictions counselors has been chosen for their skillset, experience and personality. We’re here because we believe in your ability to recover, and know how to best help you on your journey.

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      Speak with a Professional Counselor

      Whether you’re struggling with addiction yourself or seeking help for a loved one, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, give us a call, or attend one of our free Q&A sessions with our founder.

      Online Drug Counseling Service FAQs

      Drug addiction or abuse is a chronic and complex disease that affects the brain and behavior of an individual. It is characterized by an overwhelming urge to use drugs despite the negative consequences it brings. The addiction can alter the brain’s reward system, leading to compulsive drug-seeking behaviors, and can be challenging to overcome without proper treatment and support.

      Signs of a drug addiction problem can include declining family and/or social relationships, work, school or is creating legal problems. Physical and psychological problems can be very serious with substances use. Signs of physical withdrawal may require inpatient medically supervised detoxification. Psychologically, we may not feel that we can function without the use of a substance.

      The goal of a substance abuse counselor is to help individuals struggling with addiction achieve and maintain sobriety. Sober at Home’s licensed online substance abuse counselors will work with clients to help identify the root cause for substance abuse, provide emotional support, and teach coping skills to prevent relapse. The ultimate goal is to help clients regain control of their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

      Sober at Home’s group approach helps people bond with others who are seeking recovery. Our goal is simple: Help people discontinue alcohol use and rebuild meaningful and productive lives. Our workbook allows individuals to engage in self-reflection about their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and learn new coping skills that reduce the likelihood of further alcohol use.

      There are several steps you can take to stay away from drugs. Firstly, it’s important to avoid situations or people that may trigger drug use. Secondly, find healthy ways to cope with stress or negative emotions, such as exercise or talking to a supportive friend or family member. Finally, consider joining Sober at Home, a confidential support group that can help identify the root cause for your drug addiction while also providing you tactics to stay away from drugs from the comfort of your home.