Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

We believe in your capacity to change!

Sober at Home provides affordably priced support, information, encouragement and education about addiction to individuals and their families who seek an alternative to formal treatment services.

We believe that every individual is capable of living a life free from addiction. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to help you find that freedom, regardless of your past experience with traditional addiction treatment.

What is Sober at Home?

Sober at Home is a self-directed, subscription model that allows individuals and families to utilize content and move at their own pace. The program allows all registrants to pick and choose how they would like to participate in secure informational and educational group sessions run by experienced addiction professionals.

When combined with additional online content and therapeutic exercises that are available with every subscription, clients are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to arrest their addiction, restore relationships and live in recovery

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Sober At Home

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Our goal is to help everyone who wants to find their own path to freedom from addiction, in community with like-minded individuals, and with the encouragement and support of substance use disorder professionals.