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Sober at Home, Inc. would love to partner with you to meet the needs of your employees who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder. We offer:

  • Flexible scheduling that allows employees to get the help that they need without having to miss time at work.
  • An alternative to formal treatment so employees don’t have to be exposed to programs where others are unmotivated to get sober.
  • A privately funded, affordable alternative to treatment that does not require insurance. This option prevents any negative impact on your experience rating.
  • In addition to group therapy programs, employees will have access to an accountability coach that will provide an additional layer of support.
  • Employers will have access to attendance reports to ensure that employees are taking advantage of the services provided.
  • Payment plans that work for you, your business and your employees.
Sober At Home

Sober at Home for Your Employees

Reach out to us now about how we can partner with you to give your employees the best opportunity for a successful and productive life in recovery!