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What is Sober at Home?

Sober at Home is an online counseling and group therapy service for those facing issues with substance abuse, regardless of if it is drug or alcohol abuse. 

Our subscription-based program offers a discreet, affordable product that:

  • Does not require an official diagnosis
  • Costs less than most health insurance copays and/or deductibles
  • Does not require anything from your health insurance plan
  • Can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Allows you to continue working
  • Provides options that can work with your schedule
Sober at Home is an alternative to addiction treatment programs and provides a rounded approach to address your path to sobriety.
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How Sober at Home Started

You can say that Sober at Home was 30 years in the making, and while there would be some truth to that, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  

Sober at Home is entirely David’s idea, and is largely built on the foundation of his 30+ years of experience successfully working with those suffering from addiction. However, Sober at Home is also the product of 30 years of partnership in marriage, as Cindy works behind the scenes utilizing her skills in communications, website development and management, as well as organization.

This family business was born from a desire to help as many people as possible, and that is our ultimate mission.

Try Something New . . .

As David and Cindy both worked in the addiction treatment field, they became increasingly frustrated with the response from the professional treatment community as the opioid epidemic raged on. It seemed as if programs and government agencies had lost their way in terms of teaching individuals that a sober life is possible. Many programs became more concerned with preventing overdose than helping people return to normal productive and fulfilling lives. The notion of sobriety which was once the goal and standard of this field has now become radical.

The term “Sober at Home” literally popped into David’s head one day. The question then became how could they transition the idea of getting Sober at Home into a way to really help those struggling with addiction obtain the skills and tools to live sober? David and Cindy began to share the concept with trusted colleagues in the treatment field, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It has taken countless hours of work and dedication to bring this simple idea into a real program that David and Cindy believe will be an effective and rewarding approach to help people live a life beyond their wildest dreams. Welcome to Sober at Home!

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Sober At Home

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective, professional and affordable alternatives for individuals who are ready to build fulfilling, productive lives free of drugs and alcohol in the privacy and comfort of their home.