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Supported Recovery (Phase 2)

Weeks Included: 5 weeks

Costs as little as

$20 Per Group

Total Cost


Program Description

For clients who have between 30 and 60 days clean and sober, Supported Recovery/Phase 2 provides the right balance of support, information and encouragement to keep moving forward towards sustained recovery.

Clients who complete short-term inpatient treatment for substance use disorder are not in a position to maintain and continue their sobriety without additional support. However, finding an out-patient treatment program that fits with his/her schedule can be nearly impossible.

Additionally, many clients who have been in recovery for a period of time, but are still battling urges and cravings, are not eligible for formal outpatient treatment, leaving them vulnerable to relapse.

The Sober at Home Supported Recovery/Phase 2 program offers a service that is largely unavailable anywhere else. The program lasts for five weeks, and is designed to help clients break through walls that typically emerge once they get past the early recovery stage.

The program offers two closed groups per week, along with access to on-demand open groups, and workbook exercises that are geared toward those with a more sustained period of sobriety.