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Sustained Recovery (Phase 3)

Weeks Included: 8 weeks

Costs as little as

$20 Per Group

Total Cost


Program Description

Sustained Recovery/Phase 3 is considered a maintenance phase. Clients who have between 60 days and 6 months clean will benefit from the deeper exploration and discussion around long-term recovery.

For those who have already overcome the urges, cravings, and temptations in earlier stages of recovery, the Sustained Recovery/Phase 3 not only explores questions concerning why they chose to use in the first place, but this phase is also geared to help individuals with the question “I’m sober. Now what?”
This phase is longer, but less intense than previous phases. In traditional treatment programs, participants are often mismatched by placing people who are new to sobriety with others who have extended periods of sobriety. The Sober at Home model offers Phase 3 to give participants the ability to be matched with others who are dealing with similar issues at the appropriate stages of sobriety.